Take a glimpse into the photography and sweet treats from my cookbook Sweet EnvyDeceptively Easy Desserts, Designed to Steal the Show

There's no denying that people who love to bake simply do it for the joy of baking. But let's be honest, many of us also want to impress with our baked goods. Those endless hours covered in flour and butter, hunched over a cake with a piping bag, all become worthwhile when you hear the gasps of your friends and family. "My God, this chocolate cake is to-die-for!" While all these things are compliments, what you've really achieved is Sweet Envy

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"Seton Rossini brings together two of her extraordinary talents in this book: baking and design. This combination makes for sweets that are delicious, original and stunning. But what is particularly impressive to me is that her step-by-step instructions make such creations within the realm of possibility even for picky, style-conscious amateur cooks like me." –Dana Cowin, Editor-in-Chief of FOOD & WINE magazine; author of Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen
"Sweet Envy is the book that should be on every fun loving bakers shelf. It not only captures Seton’s amazing energy but her whimsical creativity, all delivered in a beautiful and approachable package. You will be taken on a sweet journey and smile the whole way."  Johnny Iuzzini, Author of Dessert FourPlay and Sugar Rush
"I dare you to open any page of Sweet Envy and not be tempted by its utter deliciousness! With her eye for design, creativity, sharp wit and ease, Seton Rossini has crafted the ultimate dessert book that's at once drool-enducing and completely accessible for bakers and sugar-lovers at every level. Her talent and passion bursts through each recipe, making me want to bake, eat, repeat!"
Gail Simmons, TV host, food expert and author of Talking With My Mouth Full
"With a sense of humor and simple, straight-forward instruction, Seton creates a dessert cookbook that makes anyone want to bake and craft and impress and, and, and...Get ready to play, successfully, with your sugar." –Carla Hall, Co-host of ABC's The Chew, author of Carla’s Comfort Food: Favorite Dishes from Around the World and Cooking with Love: Comfort Food That Hugs You